Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Hello....

It has been great!!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!! We started this week teaching this really great family. The dad is returning from inactivity and we are teaching his wife and two kids...THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY! We really focused on prayer because it is something that the mom has never been exposed to really and has never really practiced it. They all committed to pray. We set an appointment but it was a couple weeks out because they have some crazy things going on. The daughter is getting her wisdom teeth out so we decided we will bring her a shake or something so we have a chance to see the family and just follow up on how prayer is doing! Yay! I really feel the spirit when I am with the family and from what we have heard from the ward the daughter has never really wanted to listen but she has really taken to us and is willing to give this all a shot. I love how Heavenly Father gives inspiration! On tuesday I went on exchanges and it was good...it really made me feel better to know that we have power house sisters in the mission and all will be well. 4th of July!!!!!!!!! It was a great day. We went by to check on a referral from a member...again. We had checked a few times, this time she was home and SO excited to see us! We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! Woo hoo!! We invited her to be baptized on August 18th...she thought about it..said she would want to but thought she had to go out of town that weekend...but she said she would look. It was such a great lesson..she is so prepared by the Lord. She also speaks spanish...she knows a lot of english but spanish is her first language. So I told her Joseph Smith's vision in spanish. I felt the spirit so strongly! We were really worried about Wendy because she cancelled our appointment..hadnt returned our calls or texts and didnt come to church. We really wanted to go see her but we figured there was a reason we never did the lessons at her house...but all day all we could think about was her. So finally we prayed to know if we should go visit her. We both just felt like we could go visit her, that it would be ok. So we went (she happens to live in the same apartments as us). So it was thelast thing we did and it was so good to see her. I think she needed it. She is still doing good. Fighting to stop smoking and drinking coffee and she is having the most stressful things going on at work. She needs our prayers. I love her. We'll see if she can get ready in time. We also met with a girl this week who has been going to church for 3 years and hasnt been baptized because her parents dont want her to. Now she is old enough but really respects her parents. She has also never had the missionary lessons for the same reason. We decided to test her and have lunch with her so we could really get to know what is going on. She is such a sweet girl and has recently been praying about what she needs to do in life and she feels Heavenly Father keeps answering her "you need to get baptized". So we are now going to be getting together with her to make that happen! YAY! Then this weekend we went to a celebrities baptism...woo hoo. hahaha. Anyway Nancy came (the member referral) and she was just bawling. She found out that she cant be baptized on the 18th but we set a different date with her for that month. Following the baptism we went to the members house and had a lesson. She says she knows the Joseph Smith is a prophet! AHHH! I just love being a missionary. We had 8 investigators come to church yesterday. The ward was so happy. I love Moorpark...I love that this area is just booming. My emotions are going crazy. Hahaha. I have felt anxious at moments, just overwhelmed with happiness, content....everything. I dont think that it is all really hitting me yet...maybe subconciously but haha. I dont know. I love my life. I love you all. I am just ready for all the great things Heavenly Father has in store.... LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a great week! Tell the girls to have a great week at girls camp. Hermana Tippetts

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